Government of New Brunswick

Pharmacists can assess and if necessary, prescribe medication for herpes zoster (shingles) infections for eligible New Brunswick residents with no service fee, if they have symptoms that are characteristic of shingles including a rash.

The program covers the costs for those eligible to receive a maximum of one (1) assessment service per one-year period.

This program does NOT cover the cost of the dispensing fee(s) or the prescribed medication(s)

This program does NOT apply to assessing and administering vaccination for shingles.


  • The patient has symptoms of shingles that include a rash;
  • The patient is aged 12 or older;
  • The patient has a valid New Brunswick Medicare card and does not reside in a nursing home.


  • The service is conducted in person by a pharmacist licensed with the NB College of Pharmacists.
  • The pharmacist will develop a follow-up plan to monitor the patient’s progress.
  • The pharmacist will notify the patient’s primary care provider (when one exists).


  • If prescribed, the drug therapy must be a Schedule 1 prescription drug and listed as a benefit on the NB Drug Plans formulary.
  • If prescribed, the drug therapy must be dispensed on the same day as the assessment. 


  • Assessment and prescribing provided through virtual services.
  • Prescriptions filled outside of New Brunswick.


More information about shingles assessment and prescribing by pharmacists can be found on the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists website.
Please direct questions about the Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Assessment and Prescribing by Pharmacists program to: