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Note: Temporary change in eligibility due to Covid Omicron variant

Since October 2021, pharmacists can renew prescriptions for eligible New Brunswick residents with no service fee if they do not have a primary care physician or nurse practitioner or are in an urgent situation where they cannot get a prescription renewed by their primary care physician or nurse practitioner. Effective January 20, 2022 on a temporary basis, pharmacists can renew prescriptions for eligible NB residents who have a primary care physician or nurse practitioner and who require a prescription renewal for continuity of care, regardless of urgency.

This service is intended for those who would otherwise be required to visit their primary care physician or nurse practitioner, a walk-in clinic or an emergency room, for the sole purpose of obtaining a prescription renewal.

The program covers the costs for those eligible to receive up to a maximum of four (4) prescription renewal services per one-year period.

This program does NOT cover the cost of the dispensing fee(s) or the prescribed medication(s).


  • The patient has a valid New Brunswick Medicare card and does not reside in a nursing home.


  • The service is conducted in person by a pharmacist licensed with the NB College of Pharmacists;
  • The pharmacist assesses the patient’s entire medication profile and determines if there are likely to be other prescriptions that will require renewal within a reasonable time frame and provides those renewals at the same time.


  • The prescription(s) is for Schedule 1 prescription drugs, insulin, epinephrine or nitroglycerin;
  • The prescription renewal(s) is for the same drug, dose, and frequency as originally prescribed, and
  • The renewal(s) is for a period of time that is no less than the patient’s usual duration of therapy unless the pharmacist deems that it would be unsafe or unwise to do so.

  • Prescription renewals to bridge the patient to their next appointment with their primary care provider.
  • Prescription renewals provided through virtual services.
  • Renewals for prescriptions filled outside of New Brunswick.
  • Prescription renewals for over-the-counter products.


More information about prescription renewal by pharmacists can be found on the NB Pharmacists’ Association web-site.

Please direct questions about the Prescription Renewal by Pharmacists program to