Government of New Brunswick

The Keys to Recovery

$ = Protect the money
S = Build in support
M = Avoid gambling locations
T = Keep busy


$ = Protect the money

  • Have paycheck direct deposited into safe account
  • Carry minimum amount of money
  • Open a joint bank account (2 signatures required to withdraw money)
  • “Make finances transparent” with a friend, family member or partner
  • Partner monitors finances regularly
  • Credit review to detect secret credit cards
  • Agree on amount of daily expense money
  • Keep a minimum amount in a bank account
  • Close all sources of money (extra credit cards, cash stores)
  • Pay bills first and have a friend, family member or partner assist
  • Buy gas/food cards
  • Get barred from loans or pawnshop

S = Build in support

  • Go to self help groups – religious support (i.e. pastor)
  • Admit gambling to someone close – mend bridges
  • Outpatient counselling - rehab program
  • Obtain financial counselling if needed
  • Private counselling for personal issues

M = Avoid gambling venues

  • Take different route to avoid gambling triggers
  • Avoid the gambling locations (i.e. pub) or bring someone with you if going
  • Have yourself barred from gambling locations
  • Bring minimum money on your everyday
  • Have alternate plan if upset and tempted to gamble

T = Fill free time

  • Pinpoint time of frequent ambling (weekly agenda) and fill that time slot with another activity/person
  • Return to old hobbies or pastimes or create new ones
  • Exercise – Rest – Nutrition
  • Volunteer work

Additional Recovey Ideas

  • Toonie with photo of children, family, significant other
  • Photo of partner/kids in wallet/purse
  • Keep a happy face calendar
  • Call a friend daily to report no gambling
  • Get a pet (if empty home triggers gambling)
  • Identify amount of $ that trigger urges to play
  • Save for a dream trip/purchase
  • Pick up pay on Monday instead of Friday
  • Buy gas or food card
  • Locked box for tips – cab drivers
  • Collect tips with a friend (waitresses)
  • Have money withdrawn from account automatically when paying bills. Also, have bills paid the same time paycheck is deposited into bank account
  • When paying a bill with cash - call first
  • Bring a book to read if bored
  • Change to evening clothes after supper