Government of New Brunswick

You’ve made a career in the public service and now, as you plan for your retirement, you’d like more time off.

Did you know that, if you are within five years of retirement, you may be able to use all or part of your retirement allowance credits to take paid time off before you retire – instead of waiting for a cash payment upon retirement?

If you are within five years of retirement you may be able to take extra vacation days instead of waiting for a cash payment upon retirement.

For 20 years, Richard has been part of New Brunswick’s public service. Now with three years left before retirement he’d like more time with his wife and grandkids. Through GNB’s pre-retirement leave program, Richard can take advantage of extra vacation days for the next three years to spend that extra time with his family.1

Pre-retirement leave is not for everyone, and some conditions do apply. Consult with your manager to determine if pre-retirement leave could be an option.

For full details of pre-retirement leave, please consult Administration Policy 2209.

1 Example only. For your calculation and contributions, contact your human resources department.