Government of New Brunswick

Access 1:50 000 scale surficial geology maps by clicking coloured areas on the provincial map below. Green areas denote mapping projects conducted by the Government of New Brunswick (GNB). Maroon areas denote mapping projects conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC).

To open a GNB surficial geology map, click a GNB project area. A "Publications Details" web page opens. At the bottom of this "Publications Details" web page, click the "List Digital Files" button to download the surficial geology map and associated GIS files, if available.

To open a GSC surficial geology map, hover the cursor over a GSC project area to display the GSC publication number for that project area. Click the GSC project area to open the GSC publication search page (Geoscan). Enter the publication number into the search field to view the metadata and download the surficial geology map.

Click coloured ovals in the map surround to access regional surficial geology maps. Follow the appropriate set of instructions above to download the map(s).