Government of New Brunswick

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Unbleached Pulp. Pulp product that has not been bleached in a bleachery plant. Raw pulp fibre produced by either mechanical or chemical pulping methods and is typically a colour ranging anywhere from a dark brown to a creamish white depending on the wood type and the defibreing process used.

Underground Storage Tank. A storage tank that has ten per cent or more of its volume, including the volume of attached underground piping, below adjacent ground level and stores or has stored a petroleum product.

Unitary. Equipment supplied preassembled and ready for use at a location as a self contained unit. Unitary equipment does not require installation, modification or connection of pipes, tubes, hoses or valves that convey or control an ozone depleting substance before use.

Upset Condition. Conditions that may exist at an industrial facility during an accident, process upset or emergency situation and may cause an increased discharge or release to the environment.

Used Ozone Depleting Substances. Ozone depleting substances that have been or are being recovered from equipment.