Government of New Brunswick



Air Quality

New Brunswickers enjoy relatively clean and healthy air, compared to many other parts of the world. But rapid changes in human activities over the past century have taken their toll, in New Brunswick and around the world. Clean air is not something we can ever take for granted.


Whether you are a private well owner looking to chlorinate your well water, a cottage owner interested in water protection and conservation, or an individual looking for information on permits, such as watercourse and wetland alteration or aquaculture, you will find useful resources right here.

Land & Waste

New Brunswickers realize the importance of conserving our land and play an important role in waste management and land use planning. The management of our land is done in part through various planning processes, such as the environmental impact assessment process. Read on to learn more about these processes and tools and to gain insight into waste management and disposal as well as waste reduction

Climate Change

Climate change and its effects on the environment are a global issue. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve our ability to adapt to and cope with unavoidable environmental changes, collective actions are necessary. The Province of New Brunswick is committed to doing its part in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.