Government of New Brunswick
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The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure’s top priority is the safety of all New Brunswickers. 

Bridges in New Brunswick are regularly inspected on a one, two, or four year inspection frequency depending upon age and condition by provincial bridge inspectors to ensure they are safe for the public. Inspectors look at many different components when inspecting a structure to assess the overall condition and assess whether repairs or maintenance may be needed. 

During inspections information is collected on each bridge component to generate a bridge condition index (BCI).  The BCI does not represent the safety of a structure. The BCI is calculated assessing and rating each individual component of the structure to determine the current value. BCI helps the department understand the bridge inventory and is just one of the methods used to see what structures may need repairs, maintenance and replacement. 

The BCI is a number from 0 to 100, with a BCI of 100 being excellent. Some structures have a low BCI but it is important to note that if a structure is deemed unsafe action will immediately be taken by the department to remedy the situation which could include closing the structure.