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Current community profiles

Access a dashboard of current community profile information such as population, tax base and language. From the dashboard, you can type or select the region, local government or local service district that you wish to view.


Current boundaries

NB community boundaries

Last updated December 9, 2020


RSC boundaries and population

Last updated December 9, 2020


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Population & Local Governments in Canada

Source: Statistics Canada (2016)

Other publications

Representative Regionalization: Toward More Equitable, Democratic, Responsive, and Efficient Local Government in New Brunswick (2021)

Responding to the green paper, researchers at Western University’s Centre for Urban Policy and Local Governance propose a way forward.

The Future of Local Governance in New Brunswick: Time For Action (2020) PDF

Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau Brunswick

Improving the Regional Service Commissions in New Brunswick (2017) PDF

An independent report on how the Regional Service Commission model could be improved.

Action Plan for a New Local Governance System in New Brunswick (2011) PDF

The provincial government put forward this plan in 2011. It included a new community funding model. It also looked at regional collaboration and local restructuring, as well as taxation and the legal framework.

Building Stronger Local Governments and Regions (Finn Report) 2008 PDF

This comprehensive review looked at all the challenges facing New Brunswick’s local government system. Jean-Guy Finn looked at many elements of the system: local and regional structures, regional cooperation, property taxation, funding of local governments, land planning, and modernization of legislation, etc. He proposed a comprehensive overhaul of the system. 

A Vision for Local Governance in New Brunswick (2001) PDF

A series of discussions among provincial and local service district officials resulted in this report. Participants agreed on many shared challenges. They recommended approaches to addressing issues related to property taxation, governance in LSDs and regional cooperation.

Opportunities for Improving Local Governance in New Brunswick (1999)

The Municipalities Act needed changes to keep up with a changing world. (It is now called the Local Governance Act.) A 1999 report spoke of the opportunities for change. One was a proposed model for how to govern rural areas that were not incorporated. Another was updating laws that affected local governments and local service districts.

The Commission on Land Use and the Rural Environment – Final Report (1993) PDF

This study identified, in detail, issues relating to land management and development in the province. The Commission on Land Use and the Rural Environment (CLURE) made recommendations for a new rural governance model that would focus its efforts on planning, the further expansion of the district planning commission framework, and the development of provincial land use policies.

Royal Commission on Finance and Taxation in New Brunswick, “The Byrne Report” (1963)

In 1966-67 the government enacted Equal Opportunity reforms. The reforms substantially changed the structure of local government in New Brunswick. For example, the changes included which level of government, provincial or local, provided which services. Taxation to pay for these services also changed. This was the last major overhaul of the local governance system in New Brunswick – more than half a century ago. The foundation for these much-needed reforms was the Byrne Report (1963).

Budgets and taxes

Local service district budgets summary

A summary of Local Service District (LSD) budgets, administered by the minister of Environment and Local Government and Local Governance Reform.

Updated January 2021

LSD Budgets Summary (PDF)

Property tax rates in municipalities and local service districts

A summary of average property tax rates by property class in both the municipalities and LSDs for 2021.

Property tax rates summary (PDF)

Statement of reserves and outstanding long-term debt for local governments

A statement of Local Governments’ reserve funds and total outstanding debt under the general and utility funds, as of December 31, 2019.

Local government statements (PDF)

Local service district property taxes

Average of local service district property taxes in New Brunswick and examples of budgeted expenditures.

LSD Postcard (PDF)

2021 property tax rates for municipalities, regional municipalities and rural communities

Municipal tax rates – 2021 (PDF)

Regional municipality and rural community tax rates – 2021 (PDF)

Local Government Statistics for New Brunswick

This report contains data based on the 2021 budgets submitted by local governments. It can be used as a basic tool to help local governments analyze their fiscal position and with financial planning.

2021 annual report of municipal statistics (PDF)