Government of New Brunswick

Property Assessment Services is mandated to assess the market value of all properties in New Brunswick each year. To do that, each of the 460,000 properties in the province needs to be visited and re-inspected on a rotating cycle over a 10-year period.

For details on the re-inspection program, please choose from the following:

The purpose of our re-inspection program is to update the information we have on your property. We need to gather accurate and complete data on all properties within a given neighbourhood. We do this through a road review confirming existing information. When the information we have is not accurate, we conduct physical inspections of individual properties. The results of these road reviews and re-inspections are used to re-establish the assessed value of these properties with their Real Property Assessment (market value) for the next tax year.

Each year, re-inspection programs are completed in various neighbourhoods throughout the province. Property Assessment Services selects areas for re-inspection based upon need, activity or date of last re-inspection.

  • Need: We visit neighbourhoods when unfair assessments and poor property records are found throughout a large number of properties within that neighbourhood.
  • Activity: We visit when neighbourhoods that are experiencing significant amounts of new construction, increased sales or frequent re-zoning.
  • Date of last inspection: We visit properties that haven’t been inspected for a long time.

The goal of Property Assessment Services is to inspect all residential properties on a 10-year re-inspection cycle.

As part of our ongoing re-inspection program, our assessors travel door-to-door in neighbourhoods and communities throughout the province to update and check existing information on property records. Last year, we re-inspected approximately 43,000 residential properties across the province.

Our assessors inspect properties make sure that the information we have on your property is correct.. We record any changes that may have been made to We record any changes that may have been made to your property since it was last inspected. These changes cover:

  • the exterior, including new siding or windows, an extension on the house, an addition to the property such as a garage or shed, etc.
  • the interior, including renovations to the kitchen or bathroom(s), finishing the basement, etc.

The assessor will only do an exterior inspection if you aren’t home. In this case, we rely on existing records for the interior details of your property.

If you are home, we’ll do an interior inspection, at which time we’ll review, check and update all relevant information.

Land value is important too

Our assessment also considers land value, as well as, recent real estate market activity and values within your neighbourhood.

The outcome of a property re-inspection is usually a new assessed value for your property. On March 1st of each year, you will receive your Property Assessment and Tax Notice, which will outline the new assessed value (which reflects the market value) of your property for the current tax year. Your assessed value is multiplied by your local tax rate to determine your final property tax bill. Based on the property improvements we have seen and the strength of the resale market in the area, property assessments generally increase after a re-inspection program has been completed within a particular neighbourhood.

If you disagree with your assessment, there are several things you can do:

  1. Take a moment to compare your assessment to other assessments in your neighborhood. Search now
  2. You can contact your regional assessment office and speak to the assessor that assessed your property. Contact information can also be found on your Property Assessment and Tax Notice.
  3. If you’re still unsure about the fairness of your assessment, you can then formally request a review. This must be done by March 31st. To request a review, simply tear off the middle portion of your Notice, called “Request for Review of Assessment”, fill it in and mail it back to us at the address on the form. We will mail you our decision. Please note that you can only request a review on the market value of your property – not the capped value.
  4. If you disagree with our decision on your “Request for Review of Assessment”, you can then appeal. This must be done within 21 days of us mailing you the decision. Information on how to appeal will be included with the decision we send you. Learn more about the Appeal Process.

The assessor who visited your property left a door-hanger on your front door with the contact information of the responsible assessor on it. Please feel free to contact this person if you have any questions about your property re-inspection.

For more information on the re-inspection program or any other assessment-related activities, please contact the regional office nearest you.