Government of New Brunswick

Who We Are:

Service New Brunswick (SNB) is home to more than 2,400 employees who share a common vision: "Excellence in Service Delivery." Every day, our employees provide high quality, innovative public services for customers with a focus on value for all New Brunswickers. SNB is a Crown corporation administered by the Province of New Brunswick and overseen by an independent Board of Directors.

Our Divisions:

Service New Brunswick provides a wide range of services to the public, as well as to internal customers in government. The organization is grouped into divisions based on these services.

Corporate Services determines the overall direction for Service New Brunswick, setting and measuring organizational goals. This division focuses on strategy, policy, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction. It also handles human resources and financial services, which include internal auditing, accounts payable and facilities management. Corporate Services may coordinate with other parts of government and departments as needed, but its customers are primarily internal as it facilitates corporate activities throughout SNB.

Strategic Procurement obtains the goods and services used throughout the Government of New Brunswick, by all departments, school districts, Regional Health Authorities, and more. This includes products such Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, office supplies used in various government offices, and even construction materials and services. Staff in Strategic Procurement negotiate agreements for goods, handle the formal bidding process on major government contracts, and train government employees on the rules for purchasing various types of products.

Health Services supports the province’s healthcare system in several key areas. Clinical Engineering staff evaluate, maintain, and repair the complex medical devices used for patient treatment. Supply Chain is responsible for the purchasing, storage, delivery, and distribution of supplies used throughout the healthcare system. Laundry and Linen Services provides complete laundry services to many healthcare facilities and nursing homes, from pick-up of soiled linen to delivery of clean items. The Energy Management team helps hospitals and other government facilities benchmark energy use and implement energy conservation plans.

Enterprise Services provides many of the business functions that the Government of New Brunswick relies on to operate day-to-day. Among these, it handles payroll and benefits for all government staff as well as cash transactions and payment processing. It manages a team of translators and interpreters to ensure government messages reach the widest possible audience and meet official language requirements. It also takes care of printing and postal distribution for all of government. Its customers are largely internal, but the division has a direct impact on residents by issuing Social Insurance payments and sending out government mail. The division also serves the public indirectly by helping other departments implement programs such as rebates.


Technology Services delivers Information Technology (IT) solutions throughout the Government of New Brunswick, including in health care facilities and school districts. Services include deskside support for employees and management of all devices and software used throughout government. The division is responsible for the government’s network infrastructure and data centres, and implements strategies to enhance cybersecurity. It is also charged with developing new digital solutions for use by employees and members of the public, including online portals for accessing government services.

In addition, SNB Technology Services coordinates land mapping and geomatics for the province, operating the online GeoNB system that stores geographic data and makes it accessible to the public.


Public Services provides services directly to residents on behalf of the Government of New Brunswick. The Service Centres and TeleServices contact centre act as the frontline point of access for healthcare cards, driver’s licenses, hunting and fishing licenses, and more. Registries deals with records for land title, corporations, marriages, births, and deaths, among others. The Residential Tenancies Tribunal, which mediates residential tenancy disputes and acts as a trustee for lease deposits, also falls under Public Services.

This division serves members of the public throughout New Brunswick every day. Since Public Services acts as a channel to deliver services from across government, however, its clients also include its partners in other government departments.

Property Assessment Services evaluates and classifies all real property in New Brunswick, including both residential and non-residential properties. This information is compiled for clients in other government departments, where it’s used to determine property taxes. Property Assessors maintain all property information for the province and administer several benefits related to property tax. Property Assessment staff often work directly with the public as they handle these benefits and evaluate property.